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Halo Ground Battles Coming to 28mm?!

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Aug 3 2015



Wanna be Spartan 117? We’ll you may have just gotten you chance- Halo looks to be hitting the wargaming tabletop this year.


This is still a very developing story, but Spartan put out on their site recently this little blurb that went relatively unnoticed actually..

…And if that’s not enough, we’re making fast and furious ground combat games as well. Hard to tell what is more exciting: invading Reach with our Covenant Fleet or assaulting ground defences with Spartans and UNSC Marines?”

And then the dam broke. Checkout what just came out of GENCON:





Painted grunts and marines in the background look great.  So far they look to have ready all versions of the Warthog, and the Scorpion tank. I can’t wait to see the Covenant vehicles, plus they left the door wide open for flyers as well.

Master Chief is yet to be seen, but lets face it you can’t have Halo without the man himself. I would love to see Noble team as well, as this probably will also be occurring on Reach to correspond with the fleet battle game.

Those looks like some high quality 28mm masters that may mean Spartan Games is serious about a 2015 release!

More as we know it, this game is sure to be HOT!

Gather up some friends and get the the Warthog, it’s time to kill some Covenant!



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