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Khorne Blood Warriors – Inside the (bloody) Box

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Aug 31 2015



If you’re dead-set on converting up some Khorne Berzerkers the new Chaos Blood Warriors are perfect. Come see the latest from the Brass Throne!

The Good News

It’s no secret that Chaos is a Games Workshop fan favorite, but I’m not just “saying” that these guys look great- they REALLY look good. Best of all they are pretty much the same size as the current Chaos Space Marine line, and should be great for converting.

The Bad News

They seem to be priced like terminator models or worse.

Via Games Workshop

Khorne Blood Warriors $62

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything necessary to build ten Blood Warriors. You’ll get some impressive customisation options – each can be armed with either a Goreaxe and Gorefist or two Goreaxes. One model can be built as Chaos Champion with a special, even more intimidating axe; this really is a kit for the axe-inclined among you! One model can be upgraded with a special weapon, the Goreglaive, and one can be built as an Icon Bearer. Includes ten Citadel 32mm Round Bases.





  • Conversion potential is HUGE for making Chaos Space Marines, Berzerkers specifically
  • Huge amount of variety and options that you can easily use for 40k models.
  • Weapons and legs look to be sized about the same as Chaos Space Marine models.




  • Shoulder pads are two part and specific, so be sure to pair them up using the diagram below!
  • $62 for 10 models seems indicate they are valued by GW as “elite” level troops.

  • GW: New Releases 8-29-2015 First Looks