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SN 40K Battle Report (Dark Angels vs Chaos Daemons)

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Aug 26 2015



SN Battle Reports brings you a Great battle report featuring the Dark Angels Deathwing. For The Lion!

Mission: Purge the Alien
Special Rules: Daemons recieve 3vp for line Breaker, 3vp for the Dark Angels if they manage to stop the Daemons from getting Line Breaker.

Deployment:  Hammer and Anvil

Points: 1500pts

Special Equipment: The Company Master will be equipped  with a Teleport Homer


“I was there when the 1st earned their name. I saw the fire and murder that finally unified Terra. I saw the Emperor declare the commencement of the Great Crusade in the dust of the Mare Tranquilitatis on recently conquered Luna. I saw The Lion trade blows with the Wolf King for a day and a night over slighted honour. I saw ANGGGGHHHH!” “Your reveries are not our concern. Only your redemption.” The Interrogator Chaplain removed the horrific implement from his victims ruined flesh with a sudden jerk that drew forth fresh jets of blood and a gasp of pain from ravaged lips. “You’re… You’re enjoying this… Aren’t you?” “I seek only your redemption.” The Chaplain leant forward so that his ebony skull helm was only inches from the Fallens own. “Ephraim?” He breathed, his voice low and sibilant. “… Y… Yes?”


“REPENT!” He boomed through his vox amplified grill. It was loud enough to concuss a mortal but the Fallen merely smiled, exposing the stumps of what had been his teeth. Seemingly losing patience with this latest act of defiance the Chaplain rammed his open gauntlet under Ephraim’s chin, enclosing his armoured fingers around his windpipe with enough force to ram his head back against the high backed granite throne to which he had been chained for what felt like an eternity. The pressure of the chaplains grip began to increase inexorably and Ephraim had no strength left to flex his muscles and resist the choking death that was sure to come. Suddenly the armoured grip was gone. Ephraim fell forward against the silver warded chains that held him fast. The Interrogator melted back into the gloom without a sound. The chamber was silent and still apart from the incessant gurgling of the various life-sustaining tubes that snaked down from the dark abyss that hid the cells ceiling. The tubes connected the Fallen to a collection of medicae equipment that was designed to keep him alive but in maximum discomfort. Astartes physiology was robust but even the offspring of demigods must break eventually, especially when subjected to such barbaric treatment. First, the Chaplain had severed his hands, then his feet, then his arms at the elbow and so on until his limbs were nought but crudely cauterised stumps. Ephraim understood the reasons why, both the pragmatic ones and the potent symbolism hidden just beneath the apparently cruel surface. An Astartes is an engine of death, even shorn of his arms and armour he was confident that he could have broken loose and overpowered his gaoler. This was not hubris. There was no place for that in this future tomb. Not anymore.

Ephraim was a veteran of ten millennia of intrigue and war. One does not survive that long without becoming exceptionally good at murder. He would have done the same. Disarm. Literally and figuratively. The symbolism was crude but effective. There was no going back. No escape. No mercy. No respite. No forgiveness. This would only end one way. Ephraims only power, his only weapon was his will. He had held on for thirteen days by his reckoning but how much time had been lost to unconsciousness he did not know. At times he thought he could see the Chaplain’s patience begin to slip. This latest outburst added fuel to the smouldering embers of his hope. Hope that he could perturb that bastard enough that he’d evacuate his brains with a bolt round. No. This was not true. Stand firm Ephraim. Even now they toy with you. These are not your thoughts. Even now the malign psychic influence of one of their librarian worms it’s making it’s way through your mind! They seek to turn your own thoughts against you! To undermine the fortress of your mind! Hold. Hold! Slowly, Ephraim opened his one good eye seeing his world constrained to the light given off by the solitary, weak lumen globe suspended directly over the throne. The rest of the cell was hidden in an almost tangible, inky darkness. The cell could have been three or three hundred metres wide. The darkness kept its secrets. The Chaplain was in the gloom, prowling the very edge of his sensory perception. Waiting, pondering his next course of action. The Librarian was out there too. Seeking ways to pry open his brain’s defences with a subtle mental subterfuge. Hold. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Hold. Vengeance will be yours, in death.

“Vengeance in death?” The question had not been spoken but rather broadcast, rather painfully, into his mind. Fool. I mustn’t let them know!
“Know what, Ephraim?” The pressure in his frontal cortex began to grow. His mental defences were at last capitulating to the dual onslaught of physical and psychic pain wracking his trans-human form. Hold!
No… I must resist… They must never know! AggggrrrRRRHHHHHH! With a sickeningly wet pop Ephraim’s head imploded in a visceral display of psychic might.
“What was he hiding that warranted such unseemly haste?” The interrogator asked as he stepped out of the shadows barely a meter away from the Fallens ruined corpse. “Sound the alarm.” Came the strained reply, hissed through pain gritted teeth. “He was the bait and the beacon. They are coming for him!”



Daemon Prince
Daemonic Greater Reward, Daemonic Lesser Reward, Daemonic Flight, Mastery 3 , Warp-forged Armour5x Flamers of Tzeentch

5x Flamers of Tzeentch
10x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch10x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch8x Screamers of Tzeentch20 x Seekers of Slaanesh
Heartseeker, Instrument of Chaos, Icon of Chaos [Rapturous Standard]Burning Chariot of Tzeentch


Soul Grinder of Chaos
Bale Torrent, Daemon of Slaanesh

9 Deathwing Terminator Squad: Chainfist; 2× Cyclone Missile Launcher; + 1 Deathwing SergeantDeathwing Strike Force• Company Master in Terminator Armour: Monster Slayer of Caliban• 6 Deathwing Terminator Squad: Heavy Flamer; 5× Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield; + 1 Deathwing Sergeant• 6 Deathwing Terminator Squad: Chainfist; Heavy Flamer; 3× Two Lightning Claws; + 1 Deathwing Sergeant• 4 Deathwing Terminator Squad: 2× Chainfist; Assault Cannon; + 1 Deathwing Sergeant

Hello Guys! Here is our jungle factory battle board set up by the team! We think it looks great! After a long time talking about it we finally had the time to fight this battle. Steven had been on a 5 game winning streak with his Deathwing army so we thought it was high time he faced a tough challenge… so it was time to bring out Chema and his awesome looking and strong slaanesh and tzeetch army. This would be interesting especially as Steven had, believe it or not, not played against a tzeentch based army before… Steven eagerly awaited for the day to come knowing that the mission was tough on his army but promising to try his best!


Steven won the roll off and decided to go first and deploy first. It took seconds to deploy as he would start with just one squad on the table. A ten man Deathwing squad with a company master.


Chema deploys his horde of daemons…..yes we could safely describe it as a horde as there was so many models in his deployment zone. And so may colours! A truly beautiful if terrible sight! Steven was having second thoughts at this point! He wondered out loud if he even had enough shots to take out the army. The curse of an elite army. But he was pleased that in the name of the Emperor he would have the chance to return as many of these foul beats back to the warp where they belong!


Chema deploys his newly painted and converted Tzeentch daemon prince just behind his Soul Grinder protecting him from incoming fire. He goes for Telepathy rolling and getting rewarded with terrify, domination and invisibility. The Gods also grant the prince with armourbane and fleshbane and a gift. Beautiful model and paint job. Such a well made kitbash using parts from a number of different Tzeentch daemon kits, the daemon prince body and Pegasus wings.


Turn 1 (Deathwing) Chema fails to steal the initiative and so Steven’s turn begins. For the Lion! With so much on the table Steven decides to “do a tactical fall back” as he says (definitely not running away) and move his unit back a couple of inches between the fences and the factory building.


Turn 1 (Deathwing) As his storm bolters are not in range (sad face) Steven fires his cyclone missile launchers at the flamers in front wounding 7 times in total with 4 small blasts. Some very good rolling from Chema sees only one flamer removed after losing its 2 wounds.


Turn 1 (Daemons) After what was really a mini turn from Steven the baton is passed to Chema to commence his turn 1. He slowly moves his forces forward towards the line breaker objective and the only unit on the table. Scary things are getting so close so quickly…



Turn 1 (Daemons) The Seekers large cavalry unit move rapidly up the table! Beautiful sight, these miniatures are great! Chema again has done a masterful job on them. Each rider has a different head and each mount has a slightly different paint scheme. He really pulls out all the stops with his hobbying. “Embrace your hunger, your lust, your desire. The universe is ours for the taking!”


Turn 1 (Daemons) The Burning Chariot of Tzeentch also moves forward but makes a outflanking move to the left opting to go behind the factory building on the other side.


Turn 1 (Daemons) The crucial Psychic phase begins and Chema’s deamon prince casts both domination and terrify on the Deathwing unit. Steven opts not to “waste” any of his 4 deny the witch dice and hopes to later deny him casting the horrible invisibility spell on his seekers.


Turn 1 (Daemons) Amazingly Chema then fails his Invisibility psychic power with 5 dice. Oh well Steven now feels a bit daft still holding his deny dice but at the same time is pleased the spell failed!


Turn 1 (Daemons) With nothing really in range to fire he runs with his units and moves flat out with his chariot.


Turn 2 (Deathwing) Let’s do this! Steven’s turn 2 is very important turn for him and may set the tone for the whole game. His shooting has to go exceptionally well and he needs to bring down as many of the approaching daemons as possible. Two of his reserve units land in perfect locations using the Company Master’s special locater beacon. Straight away he adds a great wall of defence to his army as they ready their weapons to fire! “And the Angels of Darkness descended on pinions of fire and light… the great and terrible dark angels.” So far so good!


Turn 2 (Deathwing) Steven the decides to risk it with his third unit and try to deepstike on the far right of the seekers hoping to distract them but a bad roll see’s them mishap onto the enemy unit! A lucky roll of a 4 sees them go back onto ingoing reserves. That could have gone better but also could have been a lot worse!


Turn 2 (Deathwing) Using the Deathwing Strike Force rules Steven runs into a better position before firing into the screamers in front. “Never Forget, Never Forgive! The Fallen Must Repent!”


Turn 2 (Deathwing) Some great shooting from the squad sees 2 screamers removed. (But Steven does miss twin-linked shooting!).


Turn 2 (Deathwing) Some more nice shooting skills sees 1 flamer and 3 Seekers removed from play on the centre of the board. Scary to say but this still wasn’t enough and Steven knew he had to brace himself for Chema’s assault phase. This could hurt a lot…….



Turn 2 (Daemons) Chema’s deadly turn 2! The Seekers move up closer towards the enemy stampeding everything beneath them


Turn 2 (Daemons) Chema’s Warlord the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch vector strikes over the closest deathwing squad killing one terminator with its sharp claws.


Turn 2 (Daemons) Here is a better view of the army after the movement phase as you can see things are getting desperate for Steven! He hopes his hammernators will hold the line. The Flamers of tzeentch also move through the fences.


Turn 2 (Daemons) Chema casts psychic shriek on one of Steven’s newly arrived squads. Steven fails to deny the witch and a fantastic roll by him sees 18 wounds given to the squad after he hits. That’s 9 wounds Steven had to save on a 5++ Luckily for him only 4 terminators are removed from play! Ouch……but could have been worse.


Turn 2 (Daemons) And then just to make Steven feel better Chema again fails to cast Invisibility on 5 dice. Tzeentch sure is fickle!


Turn 2 (Daemons) Chema rolls on the warp storm and rolls a 6.


Turn 2 (Daemons) Nurgle punishes the daemon prince as he is hit with 5 S4 ap3 hits removing 2 wounds from the warlord. Wow! that could have been deadly.


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