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Top 10 Rules That Tau Need – Long War Episode 15

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Aug 28 2015

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Checkout these fresh ideas for how to make Tau better in 7th Edition.


How would you like to power to decide if you opposed is a cheesy ass hat, or a stand up player who wants to play with you rather than against you? In our newest podcast we go over some great idea on how we can make this happen. Question is, will the community embrace this change, or will the fragmentation of the 40k tourney scene continue?

Here’s the abridged list of our Top 10 Rules for the Tau that we discuss on the podcast.

  • Gargantuan Creature Version of the Riptide
  • Triple Vehicle Bonus (similar to Space Marines)
  • “Tempest Ability” Any unit hit by weapon with this special rule -1WS and/or Disorganized Charge
  • Greater EMP ability to counter grav. Frying Synapses and Elextronics alike with a haywire ability
  • Farsight 8 formation or detachment
  • Strength 10 Weapons back
  • Decurion style formations that would allow greater emphasis on all suit, or armor company builds
  • Death From Above formation that lets Tau pin point descent.
  • Torrent of Fire – formation that lets Tau overwatch on normal BS if they take specific units to fill out said formation, but not fire next turn (note not player turn)
  • Give Tau Grav maybe at a reduced weapon profile┬álike 2 shots or normal 3 shots gets hot?

Top 10 Rules That Tau Needs! – Long War Episode 15

  • Tutorial: How to Paint Death Company