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40k Battle Report: Ad Mech vs Knights 1850

Sep 14 2015

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Goatboy is back with a Triple Knight List & Allies vs an Ad Mech list & Allies in a Robo Death Match! Check it out!

Sometimes you just want to play with big robots – this is one of those times. Goatbot busts out the Triple Lance/ Inq / Libbie Conclave list vs Chris “Aventine” Long’s Ad Mech War Convocation / Champs of Fenris / Assassin list. It’s a Romp’em-Stomp’em Robot Battle Extravaganza! These army lists go to 11 in a epic throw-down of Knightly proportions.

They are playing an ITC Mission which you can check out HERE. You can check out Thomas’ aka Goatboy’s List HERE.



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