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New Khorne Miniatures – Full Release Lineup w/ Repackages

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Sep 15 2015


Checkout the HUGE product list for this week’s Khorne Release, and the latest rumors on next week!

The new release salessheet from Games Workshop was just posted up this morning. Here’s what we know:

Via Faeit

Battletome Khorne $58

Bloodbound Slaughterpriest $30 (Clampack)

Bloodbound Skullgrinder $30 (Clampack)

Bloodbound Mighty Skullcrushers $100

Bloodbound Skarr Bloodwrath $30 (Clampack)


Repackages – In Finecast

Aspiring Deathbringer $20

Exalted Deathbringer w/ Axe $15

Valkia the Bloody $22

Bloodbound Lord on Juggernaut $50

Bloodbound Scyla Anfingrimm $50


So it looks like a ton of Khorne releases are coming our way this week! From the looks of it too, there may be yet ANOTHER week of new Chaos immediately following this:


via Blog for The Blood God

Just got told by someone who has seen the next two white dwarves that next weekends preorder, not this weekend is skarbrand, apparently he is a named Bloodthirster, big £80 and is an outcast as he was tricked into attacking Khorne by Tzeentch

Remember though we know there is a AoS battleboard that as of yet, as not been released. Will next week be another AoS/ Khone Daemon Release before the Tau? It could be feasible….

Weekly Roundup

-Exciting Times Indeed!

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