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Tau: New Commander Mini Spotted?

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Sep 17 2015


It’s been a few days since the new Tau Pictures were spotted, but we’re still finding Easter Eggs in them. Come see what looks to be a new Tau Commander.

We heard a few weeks ago about various Tau units that were being “discontinued” and whispers units that would be getting new updating models.

Via BoLS 9-7-2015

Tau Empire:
The following kits have been pulled from compulsory restock by retailers:
– Tau Fire Warriors
– Tau Crisis Battlesuit Team
– Tau Commander Suit
– Tau Riptide
This means those kits will get replaced with either re-boxes, or updated models in the very near future. Note that the XV8 Battlesuit Commander was previously pulled from restocks a week or so back.
So the general consensus is that there will be a new commander on the way, however the models that were spotted in the new white dwarf looked to be without a commander.
However on further review, one of those grainy blobs may indeed be the “missing” Tau Commander.
via Craig A (twitter) 9-15-2015

Checkout the two suits above. By the way their waists are modeled they both appear to be new models, and the one top left appears to be an larger up-armored version of the smaller crisis suit in the foreground. Here’s the old one for comparison:


Based on the fact they have different chests and head cowlings and one seems to be bigger than the other (along with poseable waists), I’d say we may be looking at the new Crisis suit and Crisis Suit Commander respectively!


What do you think?


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