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Warhammer 40,000: Assault Dice App Now Available

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Sep 19 2015

Assault Dice App

It’s time to go digital with your dice! The Assault Dice App is out on the AppStore.

Hey BoLS Readers – AdamHarry here with some interesting news: Games Workshop now has an officially licensed dice rolling app. Let’s take a quick look:


Warhammer 40,000: Assault Dice is the officially licensed Games Workshop® dice roller for use with Warhammer 40,000 ® and your iPhone (Android compatibility coming soon). Designed from the ground up to simulate the unique mechanics of the game, Assault Dice captures the feel of using physical dice.


Assault Dice‘s sleek interface makes managing an army’s worth of dice fast and easy. Equipped with Warhammer 40,000‘s unique Scatter Die, as well, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your dice the next time you play.


Assault Dice App2


Assault Dice captures the fast-moving pace for rolling to Hit, Wound, and Save, just as you would with regular dice, without leaving the screen. Assault Dice automatically tracks a customized pool of dice for each unit in your army, and you can move between them with a swipe. This way, your dice are ready to go each turn—without any additional setup. Need 4’s to Hit? See your successes in a glance. Cull down your dice pool with a simple gesture, and then re-roll for instant results. Return dice you’ve “set aside” by tapping the Dice Cup to prepare for the next turn.


Assault Dice App3


Forgot your Scatter Die? Assault Dice comes with a built-in Scatter Die Panel so your enemies can feel the wrath of your artillery. Place your device next to the target, roll the dice, and move the Scatter Die adjacent to the model. Incoming! Use the directional indicator to accurately line up your ruler for hyper-precise results. No more debates about true direction or distance.


Well it certainly looks pretty. For those of you out there that prefer digital to analog this may be something you want to pick-up. I may prefer rolling my own dice but this seems like a nice thing to have if you’ve got $2.99 to spare. Heck, that’s cheaper than buying a dice cube – and it comes with a scatter die! The directional indicator is a nice touch as it should help out with those parallax errors…

They are also working on android support and faction specific dice packs. I’ll keep an eye out for that Nid one!

Warhammer 40,000: Assault Dice $2.99


Go check it out – just make sure your device is compatible first! My question is if I microwave my phone will the dice roll 6’s?

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