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40K: Tau Tidewall Rampart – Inside the Box

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Oct 26 2015


The Tau Tidewall Rampart kit SOLD OUT instantly – but we got a copy to take a good look at!

The new Tidewall kit set the internet on fire last week, but just how good are the pieces themselves? Are they the “Crappy China-plas” or the high quality GW polystyrene that we’re used to?

Via Games Workshop


This amazing multi-part plastic kit contains everything needed to build a Tidewall Rampart; the mobile fortress and defensive bastion of the Tau Empire. In it, you’ll get a Tidewall Gunrig, a Tidewall Droneport (with four drones, built as gun, marker or shield drones) and two Tidewall Shieldlines. Designed to be entirely modular, with many different configurations out of the box, this piece of scenery is limited only by your imagination! Includes full rules for deploying in games of Warhammer 40,000.



  • Tons of parts for making whatever command and control rings you need for your terrain
  • cutting edge configurations have tons of assembly builds!
  • normal GW plastics!
  • lots of room for models


  • Current limited availability

Overall the new terrain kit is a great addition to the Citadel line, and Games Workshops response to this kit selling out by releasing the individual kits is a HUGE step in the right direction.


I can’t wait to see if these new Terrain sets become a more common place occurrence!  The latest rumors say that next week will see the 3 Tidewall components arrive as individual terrain sets, so don’t worry if you missed out – these will be back soon!

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