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40K: THREE Crazy Things To Do With the Tidewall Rampart

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Oct 20 2015



If you thought the Tidewall had good rules, that may have been an understatement of 7th Edition. Checkout some really crazy stuff this thing can do in game!

First checkout the rampart’s rules:


  1. First off keep in mind that because this thing is not a building it can not be attacked in hand to hand or shot at by units. The Tidewall does what the Tidewall does.
  2. The Mobile Defense Position Special rules allows models a sort of free relentless rule for shooting, or basically a free 6″ of movement and enhanced protection from enemy fire. So all those Tau Heavy Weapon dudes just got 100% better, and gained 6″ of free range!
  3. The Field Network is a super saucy rule because it just hands out free glancing hits back at enemies. To put that into perspective a Basilisk can shoot a round from over 100″ away at units and if they go to ground behind the defense line they may just deflect that shot back at the Basilisk OR if they roll more than one “6” multiple shots back at it.

Now along that same rule of thumb you can drop an orbital bombardment from SPACE onto some scrawny xenos behind this thing and they can have a chance to deflect it back at I suppose the hapless chapter master that initiated the volley in the first place?


Maybe the best example is the extreme chance that a Land Raider Crusader at rapid fire range could actually kill itself if they Tau player rolled on average four “6’s”

24 shots, Tau go to Ground and receive a 2+ cover save.
They pass about 20, with an average of 3.33 6’s rolled for saves, and 4 automatic glancing hits on the Crusader!




And last but certainly not least I can imagine someone somewhere will try to put an anchored Storm Surge on this thing and surfboard it around to get free double D shots and such. Keep in mind that it seems like it’s Stabilizing anchors special rules that states that “It can not move under ANY circumstances” should be clear enough, but we all probably know someone who will still try it.

Que the DJ roomba, this party’s just getting started ya’ll!


It may be that these fortifications are the next be two year sales arc for Games Workshop like flyers were just a short time ago, but I think they may just need a little bit more playtesting before they roll out the next one. Either way new models are good for the hobby, and I for one welcome our new robot, er super fortification overlords!

Tau Weekly Roundup

~My, that escalated quickly!


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