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40KRUMORS – Tyranids Approach?

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Oct 13 2015



We’ve been hearing news that Tyranids may be the next full army release after Tau for awhile, come see the latest!


The Adeptus Astartes Community posted up this little snippet about what one of their people is saying.  Personally I think the information may be right, but the time table is off.

GW seems to put out smaller type releases in November traditionally, as the rest of the year is normally take up by coffee mugs and other such impulse buys.

Via Adeptus Astartes 10-13-2015

Hot gossip. Exclusive!

Our little mole at Warhammer World has been whispering:


“In November a new Tyranid army is being launched as ‘super psychic’ monsters with new psychic monstrous and gigantic creatures being released as a independent army like the mechanicum and cult mechanicum”

Note: Just a rumour – we have no evidence or supporting photos….so please bear in mind that whilst this guy is very reliable….”add salt to taste” on this one!

We have also saw a nifty picture of what looks to be some Tyranids playtest rules recently, and the “normal” rumor folks seem all be saying January / Q1 2016 at this point for a re-launch of ‘Nids.



For November we’re hearing 2-3 weeks of Horus Heresy, and the slide into Holiday sales items with a splash of Age of Sigmar in there as well.

via rumormeister Mikhael


“The Horus Heresy Boxed Game will arrive in Early November. Looks like a release (no pre order) on November 7th.”

And that is the third rumor source pointing out a release date of the first week of November. Our previous schedule laid out a pre-order date date on either October 31, with a November 7th street date, so this fits in perfectly. The new piece of info is the lack of a pre-order, which would be unusual for GW.  If true they may want it to come out with a big splash of excitement, or perhaps want to maximize impulse purchases if it is in any way a limited release.

Either way I think there are some seriously exciting times still left for 2015, with the Tau codex still to come, and whatever the Horus Heresy expansion brings!

What do YOU want more, Horus Heresy or Tyranids?

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