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NEW ELDAR – Miniatures on Display

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Oct 18 2015



Come see the all the new Eldar models from yesterday’s 40k Open presentation, up close and personal.

Via Geeks40k 10-18-2015

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From these pictures you can mostly see the Forge World upgrade parts on the Wraithknights and the jetbikes. Looks like the Doom of Mynerma will be bringing some new units in additional to current rules updates when it drops.

Question is, what other rules will be in there this go around? Because the last book wasn’t just all Eldar!

Imperial Armour Volume Eleven – The Doom of Mymeara is an Imperial Armour expansion book by Forge World for Warhammer 40,000.

The book focuses on Eldar war hosts launching an attack on the ice world Betalis III and their imperial adversaries, consisting of several Imperial Guard regiments under Myndoras Odon, Bran Redmaw‘s company of Space Wolves and Titans from the Legio Gryphonicus.


The supplement to the “has no friend’s” starter set?

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