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NEW Lizardmen, Tau, & Eldar Pictures SPOTTED!

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Oct 27 2015


Come see all the juicy new Lizardmen Seraphon models, plus new Tau and Eldar release pictures as well from the upcoming White Dwarf #92.

We got a huge leak from the German Connection – more at the links below! Check it out:

via GAMESTRUST.DE 10-27-2015

pic-29531 pic-29533 pic-29541

It’s nice to see the Lizardmen Seraphon finally getting some Age of Sigmar love, and the new Tau terrain formations were a pleasant surprise as well. Looks like we may be seeing the Eldar that were unveiled at the 40k Open a few weekends ago, available soon as well.

All in all a great way to build up to the Horus Hersey release next week! Checkout the rest of the issue below.

WD #92 40K Roundup Here

WD #92 Seraphon Roundup Here

~ Get ready for HERESY!

  • Tau: NEW Tidewall Fortifications Spotted!