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Skarbrand: Inside the Box & Mystery

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Oct 5 2015


Come see the new Skarbrand kit that may have HUGE meaning for future Daemon kits from Games Workshop.

Everything we think we know about GW’s plans for Greater Daemon kits may be a lie. This release saw Skarbrand come with what amounts to an upgrade sprue that’s designed to go over the superstructure of, you guessed it, the recent plastic Bloodthirster kit. But Skarbrand’s sprues are copyrighted 2013, and predates all the new expensive kits like the Imperial Knight and all the End Times kits.


Plastic Skarbrand© 2013 on sprues


Plastic Bloodthirster© 2014 on sprues – HUH???

What does it all mean? Is there already a named Great Daemon designed up for all the flavors of Chaos as has been rumored for over 2 years now, or was GW working the market and waiting to release Skarbrand in a climate where they had established a higher value for their kits in the mid $100 range? It’s hard to say but I feell like there is certainly a case to be made for both points, but for now let’s take a closer look at the new kit itself!

Via Games Workshop


This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need in order to build Skarbrand, insane warrior of blood, murder and fury; armed with two daemonic axes, lovingly named Carnage and Slaughter. His once-mighty wings are shredded and torn, and his face is permanently twisted into a screaming rictus of pure anger. Bloodthirster fans amongst you will be pleased to hear that this kit is perfect for building a customised Bloodthirster!



Skarbrand’s Sprue © 2013


  • Great looking model that’s 100% true to the original John Blanche artwork.
  • Kit is based off the current plastic Bloodthirster model in size and one shared sprue.



The Bloodthister Sprue © 2014 (Skarbrand Sprue #2)



  • Two sprue model that only supports being made one particular way.
  • Could be converted from cheaper multi model Bloodthirster kit

~What do you think is going on with those dates on the two kit’s sprues?

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