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UNBOXED – Tau Tidewall Rampart & Component List

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Oct 21 2015
Tau Empire TideWall RampartBOX

Tau Empire TideWall RampartBOX

If you were wondering how the new Tidewall was going to come in kit form, you definitely want to check out these pictures.

One of the most forward thinking designs in miniature technology is almost here, and someone has their sold out copy before everyone else.




Note the chart along the top which defines exactly what each Tidewall Rampart component is – including some that have no rules.

pic-45009-popup pic-45008-popup


Tidewall Rampart $160  SOLD OUT

So it looks to be a ten plus sprue kit, with true colored plastic inserts for the shieldline, and perhaps some pre-bagged multi-part drone pieces to interface with the droneport.

Curiously the copyright is 2015, so has Games Workshop been busy little gue’las this year making other fortifications as well?


Get ready to deploy this new Tau mobile firebase in your games of 40k soon!

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May the path ahead be lit by the glow of a pulse rifle!


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