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40K: 10 SPOILERS From the New Kauyon Book

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Nov 11 2015


40k’s story is finally progressing! You won’t believe what happened to both sides in the Kauyon expansion during the Damocles Gulf conflict!

If you haven’t had time to read the fluff side of the new two book Kauyon set, we got you covered! Big things are happening on the imperial planet of Prefectia that will shake the Imperial forces to their collective cores.

There are tons of new rules to be had too, along with the third installment of the Damocles gulf conflict in the new Kauyon TWO book set.

Both the Raven Guard and White Scars both received new detachments, and rules that really up their power level in game.

++++++ SPOILER ALERT +++++++



  1. The Coldstar battlesuit was discovered to be invisible to Imperial armada scanners, and aircraft sensors. One brazen commander ascended into orbit and mag locked himself to the bridge of the ship Duty’s call uncovering secrets to several warzone.
  2. On a hunch Shadowsun sent scout vessels to look for Imperial ships translating from reality into local space. One such vessel managed to take readings of such an occurrence, but never was received back at Tau high command… or were they?
  3. Shadowsun used the tau ramparts as mobile traps or Kauyons as they called them, being the art of the patient hunter, to literally surround attacking Imperial Forces as they drew near into a deadly crossfire.
  4. Imperial forces held Shadowsun to a deadlock for quite sometime, and it was not until Aun’va the supreme Ethereal announced he was coming to the warzone that Shadowsun’s hand was forced. She would have to use herself as bait in an attempt to lure the Astartes commanders out into the open on her terms.
  5. Shadowsun lures the Raven Guard’s Chapter master Severax to Denechai the site of many battles over the long months on Perfectia. After locating and engaging a cloaked Shadowsun in combat Severax succeeds in wounding and then landing several killing blows into the xenos war queen.
  6. Her death is not as it seems when Severax let out a victorious laugh that lingered in the air to long, as a Ghostkeel battlesuit piloted by the real Shadowsun shimmered into existence next to him. A single shot separated Severax from his legs before the follow up incinerated his upper torso.
  7. The Raven Guard are sent reeling by the death of their chapter master, and eventually rally with new found oaths of allegiance with Khan of the White Scars, and Astra Militarium.
  8. The Shadow Captains collectively vote Captain Shrike to be the next Chapter Master of the Raven Guard.
  9. A newfound momentum shift from this new allegiance, and the intervention of House Terryn knights is blunted by the arrival of heavy Tau assets such as the Stormsurge and Ghostkeel to which the Imperial forces has little answers for.
  10. The Obsidian Knight’s rampage is eventually halted as well when a host of tau battlesuits target the ground beneath him, and send him tumbling into roiling magma.

Thought the Imperial forces are once again forced to withdraw from a conflict let directly by Shadowsun, they are still engaging Tau forces elsewhere.

The Tau may have won this battle, but the war is far from over.


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