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40K: Tau Farsight’s “The Eight” Formation Returns!

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Nov 17 2015


The Tau’s “Kurosawa” formation returns – Farsight’s getting the band back together!

via Bolter And Chainsword

BnC Tau Eight Formation


While the details are up in the air, at least we can make out the title of the formation as “The Eight” and it looks a lot like the one from the Farsight Enclave book. Although in this picture they are standing on and around some of new Tau Defensive structures from the Tidewall. This makes sense thematically given reference material. “A very small band of elite warriors making a valiant stand against an overwhelming number of foes.” Sound familiar? It should! It was really made famous by this movie and has be retold time and time again – who doesn’t like a good underdog story!?

What made this formation special was that all 8 members were Unique Special Characters and as such each character had the Independent Character special rule. They also had access to duplicate Signature Systems and the limit on those systems did not apply to this unit – another neat trick they had! I guess we will have to wait to see how much of that carries over into the updated version – but based on the codex release, I’m guessing quite a bit!


“Dere’s only EIGHT ov’em!” Last words of Ork Nob “Toof” Gutrippa


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