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Behold the Glory of Blood Angels, Astra Militarum & Review

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Nov 23 2015



The Imperium strikes back! Check out the latest videos for the new Imperial characters out this week.

via Games Workshop

Kit Review

Let’s start off with the Blood Angel Chaplain. That is just one stunning mini!  That winged jump pack looks both functional within the existing Sanguinary Guard range, but is it’s own unique and beautiful form. The dracula-style muscled armor is repeated here in the same vein as Mephiston and Astorath – and is just as impressive. The posing is very characterful and overall, I like the pared down look of the mini.  Sure his armor itself is ornate, but this is a mini that has a simplicity of equipment and uncluttered lines – as opposed to the things like Sternguard, or Dark Angels who can sometimes look like they couldn’t take two steps before tripping over all the junk they have on them.  Sometimes less IS more.

The Leman Russ is basically a bundle deal to get the tech-priest.  While the tech-priest is a nice mini, it’s nothing to wrtie home about and the type of thing we have seen done a lot better with other figures that are part of the Adeptus Mechanicus range.


5 out of 5 stars (Chaplain)


2.5 out of 5 stars (Tech-Priest/Russ)

~All in all, GW has done a fantastic job this time around – and given the Blood Angels players a holiday treat out of nowhere.

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