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Horus Heresy: Sevatar, Unboxing Jago

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Nov 15 2015


Come take a close look at the fantastic miniature for the man who first uttered: “Death to the false Emperor” – Jago Sevatarion.

Prince of Crows, Master of the Atramentar, Sevatar. There are many names to describe the first captain of the Night Lords Legion,  perhaps one of the most dangerous Astartes of his day.

His model is one of the first of the Collectors Series from Forge World to be designed for use with a 32mm base, and of course like the others in that series, Sevatar is a miniature work of art.



Sevatar £31 (about $45)

This highly detailed model depicts Sevatar, First Captain of the Night Lords, his armour embellished with trophies of uncounted victories, many the mortal remains of his foes. The scenic base provided with this kit depicts a slain Space Marine at Sevatar’s feet, and also provided is the option of modelling Sevatar with a bare head or a leering, skull-faced helmet.

Sevatar, First Captain of the Night Lords can be fielded in Night Lords Legion armies in Horus Heresy games. His rules can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Two – Massacre and The Horus Heresy – Isstvan Campaign Legions.

This is a complete resin kit.





  • Very dynamic model looks great on the table top and display case.
  • Two very cool head options
  • comes very well packed from Forge World




  • would require extensive conversion to use as another Space Marine or Chaos Chapter


Overall this character model from Forge World is a very dynamic and cool kit for Horus Heresy or Warhammer 40k that will be right at home in any Chaos themed army.


‘You killed them because they disagreed with you. Sevatar, you are insane!!!’

The First Captain gave a subtle shrug. ‘So I am often told.’

  • Wargaming Weekly 11-07-2015