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The Hobby’s On Fire – Heresy, Kickstarter, & Adepticon OH MY!

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Nov 6 2015

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Horus Heresy is on the horizon, our Kickstarter is open, and we’ll be running a 80 man 40k Tournament at Adepticon 2016!  Come join the hobby love-fest!

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Another Long War Two-Fer is HERE – Checkout our fantastical webcast and new and exciting podcast of table-top wargaming awesomeness.


In our latest podcast we talk about our new Kickstarter, a new 2 man team “bringing hobby back” tournament at Adepticon, and the new Horus Heresy product like.

The hobby, the hobby, the hobby, is on fire!

Episode 25 – Horus Heresy, Kickstarter, Adepticon OH MY

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