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40K: [Blank] BROKE The Game!

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Dec 3 2015


game breaking

Flyers Deathstars Invisibility D-Weapons Formations┬áRUIN everything… Right?!

Remember when Flyers and Flying Monstrous Creatures used to be the bane of everyone existence? The Croissant of Doom…The Heldrake of Balefire…The Flyant of Tyranny? And while those things did have their day in the sun, inevitably something else came along and knocked them off their perch. Along came the Screamer Star with it’s re-rollable ++2. Then it was summoning extra models. Then it was Invisibility – or was it another round of Deathstars combined with Invisibility? Wait, weren’t Grey Knights in there somewhere… Oh that was a few editions ago? Sorry, I must have missed the memo on that one because I decided to blink at some point and missed it….But it was DEFINITELY Eldar’s fault with all those D-weapons running around RUINING THE GAME, right?

ELDAR aint us


There is just so much to complain about these days! All the different releases, different combos, new models, different ways to play – It’s like we options now! And who wants those, right?!

I’m pretty sure the current complaint is about Formations, right? Or was it detachments? Why not both! That’s what we’re all complaining about now…I think. I mean, who doesn’t like DISCOUNTS this time of year? Games Workshop certainly does – especially in the “Points” department! The same army I built a month ago I can rebuild and I get a 20-40% discount on points (I’m looking at you Gladius)! That means I can field MORE stuff…Now I just have to go and buy new model…and probably paint…maybe glue…my hobby knife is kinda dull, maybe I should replace that as well. Decurion style detachments/formations are AWESOME, right!? Wait a sec, did I just spend a bunch of money on extras things for an army I had considered DONE? Someone call my buddy Admiral Akbar – I got another one for him.




Warhammer 40,000 is a game in a constant state of flux. What’s grinding everyone’s gears this week will probably be forgotten about next week – that’s the way things go. The one constant that I can remember is the complaining. Every army has had SOMETHING that players collectively groaned about at some point. So whatever’s bothering you – try not to sweat it too much. Just wait – something new will replace it!



Let’s just complain about the price – that’s something we can all agree on, right?

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