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40K: Forge World Christmas Jigsaw Day 3

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Dec 23 2015


Looks like we got a high-flyer on our hands…It’s the Christmas Jigsaw Day 3!

via Forge World 

More jigsaw pieces have arrived! We’re getting very close to completing the puzzle. Can you tell what this fantastic new model is going to be? Tomorrow all will be revealed, and then it won’t be long until this exceptional model is available to add to your collection. That’s all from me for now. Make sure you’re back here tomorrow for the last pieces of the Forge World Christmas Jigsaw!

I wonder who it could be? There is a high probability that it’s none other than Corvus Corax the Primarch of the Raven Guard.


The wings fit but we have no hints as to the models armament. Let’s not forget Forge World is pretty good at throwing curve balls. #RememberPolux


I guess we’ll have to wait one more day for the final confirmation!


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