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40K: Old Models are BETTER!

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Dec 7 2015


Old tech was designed to last and these models were no exception – It is the past come back to strike fear into the hearts of 40K players EVERYWHERE!

In a game where shooting has become dominate managing cover saves has become a life saving talent. Factor in True Line of Sight and sometimes being bigger isn’t always better! These old school models were ahead of their time when it came to minimizing their physical presence on the battlefield. Compared to their contemporary counterparts they are LEAN and MEAN. They still pack the same punch but with 1/2 the footprint – that’s efficiency, baby!

In no particular order here are some old school models that are just plain BETTER than their current models (from a certain point of view).

Chaos Obliterators

Chaos Obliterators Metal

It’s pretty obvious why these guys are here. They are roughly 1/2 the size of the new obliterators and are on the original 25mm “slota” bases! Those were SOOO much fun to work with…AND these guys are a beast when it comes to deep striking! Need that unit in the backfield dead and only have a 4″ gap to work with? NO PROBLEM!


XV 15 Stealth Suits

XV15 Stealth suits Metal

These XV 15 Stealth Suits INVENTED the bar for Tau Hit & Run tactics. Between their stealthy stature, amazingly dynamic poses (all 3 of them) and the spindly metal antennas these are still the BEST at what they do: Not getting shot back!



Old Hive Tyrant


Behold the MAJESTY! This model still has the BEST paint job of all time from the ‘Eavy Metal Team. But I’m not judging it based that – oh no, this guys limited weapon options, lack of wings, and square-basing choice means this version of this Tyranid Hive Tyrant means led from the back. Walking a Heavy Venom Cannon forward and providing back line synapse is what this model does –  The greatest army anchor unit of all time!


Old Terminators

Metal Terminators

I was torn between these old school metal versions and the old plastic Terminators that came in the original Space Hulk box. But these guys are METAL – and that means they rock harder than the plastic versions. Also, compared to the current versions, they deceptively smaller. They deep strike better (thanks to those tiny bases) and because of their SUPER dynamic poses you know that they only move forward. So intimidating – like an unflinching wall of destruction coming down on your opponents!



Old Eldar Avatar



Look upon your DOOM, mortal. It is the Eldar Avatar of Khaine! Look at that Topknot, that spear, that cloak – and be AMAZED! Now consider that this bad boy was on a 25mm base and could easily hide among an Eldar Guardian unit only to strike out like a coiled snake at the  opportune time. The fear is real and it’s coming for YOU!


We’ve come a LONG way. You have spared us from the horrors of the past and for that we thank you injection molded plastic technology. What is your favorite OOP mini that you think works better on the modern tabletop than it’s newer brethren?

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