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Behold the Glory of the Gaunt Summoner & Review!

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Dec 13 2015


He’s HERE!  Come checkout the creepiest Tzeentch mini to hit the tabletop in a very long time!

“The Gaunt Summoners are hideous Daemon sorcerers; a cabal of grotesquely powerful wizards dominated by the will of Archaon.

Their insidious magics enable Archaon’s armies to move across the realms and summon vast armies of Chaos Daemons.”

Model Review

Well, it’s nice to see some of the crazy train making it’s way back to Chaos.  Remember when you first saw some of the Chaos Daemon designs like the Khorne Blood Throne, the Tzeentch Burning Chariot or the Exalted Seeker Chariot and said – what the hell were they (and John Blanche) smoking in Nottingham. Because that’s exactly what I love about the Chaos Deamons range – it’s other-worldliness and sheer lunacy.  I think Chaos minis work the least when they are mundane, like a muscled dude covered in skulls and chains – a trope we’ve seen a thousand times.

But when GW lets the laws of nature fly out the window you get a teensiest glimpse of the wondrous horror that Chaos can be – it can known your socks off.

That is exactly why I love the Gaunt Summoner.

  • Why does he have tons of eyes on his horns/helmet/whatever the hell it is – but none on his face?
  • Why is is floating above his disk that is floating itself?
  • Does that Tzeentch rune/familiar/headpiece of his staff talk back to him when he’s lonely?
  • Why does he have a third arm?
  • Why feathers on only one side of his back?

I don’t really want to know the answer to any of these – because merely having to ask the question makes the miniature mysterious and awesome – just like a follower of Tzeentch should be.


Less Chaos skulls and chains GW – more creepy mystery – WELL DONE!

Model Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

~What do you think?

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