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D&D: Ashes of the Tyrant Ships & Sample Chapter

Dec 30 2015


Erin M Evans latest Brimstone Angel novel is now available and WotC has put up a free chapter to whet your appetite:

via amazon

“In a direct follow-up to her fourth book in the Brimstone Angels series, Fire in the Blood, Erin M. Evans thrusts her signature character Farideh into a fast-paced murder mystery rife with political intrigue.

In the wake of the war brought on by the Sundering, Farideh’s adopted father Mehen has been called back by the clan that cast him out, and Farideh and Havilar mean to go with him. Just as Mehen confronts the head of his former clan, a clutch of young dragonborn is found in the catacombs, brutally murdered, an infernal summoning circle that looks all-too-familiar to Farideh, nearby.”

Read a Sample Chapter (via WotC)

Ashes of the Tyrant by Erin M Evans

Kindle $14.90

Hardcover $14.68

(Available NOW – go pick it up!)


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