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D&D: Monster Manual & DM’s Guide Errata Out!

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Dec 22 2015


Come quick! Wizards just put up Erratas for the Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual.

via wizards:

Earlier this year, we released the Player’s Handbook errata document to correct and clarify some things in that book. Now we’re releasing similar documents for the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Some errors slipped into the books, and we’ve fixed them in their most recent printings. The tremendous popularity of the books has made it possible for us to reprint and correct them. It’s normal in publishing to correct typos, omissions, and misstatements in later printings of a book. The corrections in the new printings of the MM and the DMG are of that sort. We have cut words that shouldn’t be there, added some that should have been there, and clarified some rules.

You have a book that includes these corrections if its credits page bears the following text toward the bottom of that page: “This printing includes corrections to the first printing.”


Monster Manual Errata

dungeon masters guide3.5

Dungeon Master’s Guide Errata

Have at it D&D folks!



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