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Deep Thought: The Best Tabletop Game for NOOBs

2 Minute Read
Dec 29 2015


It’s getting close to New Years, so kick back with your fellow BoLS gamers, and talk about our favorite pastime.  Come on in!

As we approach the end of the holiday season, we want to have a chance to have the community weigh in on series of fun open questions and see what we all think.

So put on your robe, grab some hot cider and enjoy a gamer conversation with your friends.

Today’s topic is:

“What is the best tabletop game for new players NOW?”


Todays questions is both simple and complex.  I want you to take all the pros and cons including:

  • Rules complexity
  • Model count
  • Initial cost
  • Time from purchase to playing
  • Size of community / ease of finding games
  • Depth of play
  • Hobby requirements
  • Community enthusiasm
  • Game longevity
  • Manufacturer support
  • Regularity of new content

… and a hundred other factors and pick the one game just perfect to introduce the entire wargaming hobby to new players with zero gaming experience.  Which one is it – AND WHY?

~The floor is yours my friends and remember – show your work 🙂