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Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: End of the Year Hobbyitis

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Dec 28 2015


The year is almost here and I sit here wondering what should I work on next. Help a hobbyist out.

I thought about finally pulling out my Orks to finish but nothing is pulling me beyond having a Cheap Stompa thing for ITC.  I’m still planning on using my actual GK/BA army as I still like playing it when I get chance to throw dice.  For those having a kid soon or having a young one – your gaming time really slows down.  It doesn’t help that I paint all the time as well so any extra time is throwing paint on client work.  This leaves me with an empty space right now as I like to do a few hours a week on my own stuff to ensure I don’t burn out painting all the dang bikes I have on dock.


What Next?

The question is – what the heck should I even work on?  I haven’t done a Counts As Army in almost a year so there is always that.  I have thought a full Riders of the Apocalypse style army using some of the new Chaos Knight Horse guys and other Chaos stuff.  I would use a ton of bikers, try not to go into one fat Death Star, and win games through MSU/Trickery/Plan Roll 6’s. I thought maybe using Dark Angels as the main as everyone and their mom loves White Scars and I don’t want to just be them.  The actual new Dark Angels FAQ letting characters on Bikes count as Ravenwing HQ choices has me wondering if that is worth it.  Plus I think the Dark Angel Psychic Powers could be really interesting when dealing with the Tau mo Dakka Menace.  Still it is shoving Chaos into a good Guy army but if GW won’t give me rules to make me buy models then I will use whatever rules to let me buy the toys I like.



If I don’t want to do that I could always do a 30k army.  I have had enough local chatter on starting one and thought it would be neat.  I really like the Word Bearers and their Chaos tendencies would let me do Chaos stuff without having to count as my chaos stuff.  Plus good possessed sound right up my alley.  I think I need to play a 30k game or two to see if I really want to invest in another batch of Marines.  I have a Horus Betrayal box and I could always get enough to give me enough starting bodies.  The Moritat sounds awesome too and it would be nice to have one instead of just converting one for someone else to use.  I’ve heard enough chatter that 30k feels a little more balanced and fun when compared to the crazy army combination that is 40k right now.  Plus leadership mattering to Space Marines sounds like a breath of fresh air when everything is just crazy shooting phases, unkillable units, or so much dirty D I can’t look myself in the mirror without feeling a little unclean.


Why I Play

I guess this all goes into what the game actually means to you as well.  This game is not just a method to utilize fuzzy math in order to win.  I really just like painting and building a bunch of different toys that can be used as something more then a cool looking piece of art.  I enjoy traveling around, having to explain to random strangers what I am doing, and praying my models survived the plane ride.  I like seeing friends from all over and worrying about whatever terrible combo someone dreamed up.  I think if I didn’t have those things right now I would probably just be playing video games or maybe finishing a post apocalyptic comic I always fiddle with in my lack of spare time.


How About You?

What are your modeling/gaming plans for next year?  Are you going to work on a new army or just wait to see whatever new piece of broken nonsense comes out?  Are you tired of the so called Competitive scene and just want things to go back to a fluff based bunny environment where everyone wins?  Do you even think will actually see a decent  Chaos Space Marine book and maybe a fixed Daemon book?  I have a lot of hopes for next year with dreams of a good event environment, maybe winning some games, and hopefully a lot of fun with Armies I enjoy to build, paint, and play.


~Tell us your gaming plans for 2016

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