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GW: Advent Calender – Day 3 Grey Knights & Space Wolves

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Dec 3 2015
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The GW Advent Calendar Day 3 is here! Can you hear the howl of the wolf and see the gleam of silver pauldrons?

GW Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 3

The theme for this year’s advent calendar is Chaos (appropriate considering Archaon’s return), so expect plenty of Chaos Lords, Chaos Space Marines and Daemons committing dastardly deeds and concocting nefarious plans.”

Warhammer TV

WHTV Advent Calendar Day 3 -Grey Knight Power Armour

Here Duncan shows you how to paint the great blue tinted power armour of the Grey Knights.

Black Library



Advent Calendar Webpage

 In Wolves Clothing cover

Warhammer 40,000 In Wolves’ Clothing $3.99


Striking into the Eye of Terror like the spear of Russ himself, the Space Wolves crew of the warship Reiodi bring to heel a thrice-cursed traitor from the days of the Horus Heresy. But this prey is more dangerous than the hunters know, even after he dies. After all, there’s a reason he’s known as Lucius the Eternal…

Written by Ian St Martin



Space Wolves hunt Lucius the Eternal, one of the galaxy’s greatest swordsmen. And we all know what happens to Lucius’ killer if he feels any pride or satisfaction, so the story promises to be very dark and very, very bloody…

AOS Painting Guide Khorne Tablet

Age of Sigmar Khorne Painting Guide $4.99


Across the Mortal Realms, the servants of Khorne bring death and destruction in the name of their blood-soaked god. Wearing His colours of red and brass, they strike fear into the hearts of all who behold them. This painting guide gives you step-by-step guides for painting your own Chaos forces in the colours of Khorne.

This title is available in two editions, designed to provide the best reading experience on mobile phones and tablets. But you don’t have to choose – buying this product will allow you to download both versions, so you’ll always be able to have the right edition on your device. Both versions are ePub 3 files. For more information about these, check out our Formats and Ranges page.


It’s the ultimate guide to painting your collection of Warhammer Age of Sigmar Chaos miniatures in the crimson and brass of the Blood God.

~ Have at it!


Author: Larry Vela
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