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GW BREAKING: New 2016 Dwarf Sprues Spotted!

Dec 2 2015

WFB- Dwarves - Avatar-Small

You heard that right, some “2016” Dwarf / “Chaos” Dwarf sprue pics are out and about.  Come see next year’s goodies NOW!

via Warseer’s gwarsh41 12-2-2015 (and imgur)

“This sprue was shown on the warhammer subreddit on Looks to be a slayer, or possibly even a chaos dwarf slayer, but also seems like it could be an ironsmith or forgefather of some sort. Wielding an axe in one hand, and a staff in the other, with a metal mask, and the iconic slayer mowhak. The sprue date is 2016. It was reported that this came in a box of Tau.”

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~What the heck do you think they are?

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