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GW: Next Week – A Return to Betrayal at Calth

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Dec 13 2015


We are quickly approaching the Christmas season, and White Dwarf says more Horus Heresy is on the way:


Here is the teaser from this week’s White Dwarf 98:


“An exclusive mission for Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth”

Not exactly a mysterious hint this time around.  And I’m happy to be getting back to some 40K/30K content after our month sojourn into the Age of Sigmar.

This one was only a matter of time, and we have been hearing since the Boxed Set’s initial release that White Dwarf was sitting on some exclusive missions.  Mid to late December makes sense as this is when it’s all about selling existing products for every retailer on the planet – instead of cranking out new products.

I would say to look for GW Advent and holiday bundles for a week or so until we start to rub up against the teases and rumors for January’s releases coming in in a week or so.


calth-020-F calth-012-F

So while we’re on the subject, who has been playing Betrayal at Calth and what do you think of it’s rules and gameplay?

We’ve been very busy painting up our BoLS Set:


~Or did you just buy it for the minis?

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