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The Force Awakens! New T-70 & Tie F/O X-Wing Minis!

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Dec 18 2015
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The Force Awakens isn’t the only new Star Wars this week. Come see our unboxing and review of the new T-70 and Tie F/O for expansions of X-Wing Miniatures!

Two new X-Wing expansion packs are now available, The T-70 X-wing and the TIE/fo Fighter are here! These are two great little ships with just enough upgrades to help bring your existing Episode VII Starter Box ships to the next level.

But don’t stop there there’s enough evade and stress shenanigans to make your ships attack from more unpredictable angles than what your opponent may be used to!

Via Fantasy Flight Games

Two new X-Wing expansion packs are now available, The T-70 X-wing Expansion Pack and the TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack !

Featuring the starfighters that debuted in The Force Awakens™ Core Set, these expansion packs allow you to fly more missions, down more enemy fighters, and make a bigger mark on the game. With their impressive stat lines, tech upgrade slots, and talented aces, the T-70 X-wing and TIE/fo fighter are rapidly helping to decide the fate of the galaxy, and they’re an excellent way to celebrate the imminent arrival of The Force Awakens!

T-70 X-wing Expansion Pack $14.95

The modern incarnation of a classic design, the Incom T-70 X-wing fighter is the signature combat craft of the Resistance forces in their fight against the First Order.



A 360-degree view of the T-70 X-wing.

You’ll find one of these starfighters within the T-70 X-wing Expansion Pack, carefully detailed and pre-painted at the game’s standard 1/270 scale, as well as four ship cards, five upgrades, a maneuver dial, and everything else that you need to fly your T-70 X-wing into battle against the First Order.

TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack $14.95

Following the traditions of the Galactic Empire, the First Order has kept the TIE fighter design in service, but has updated the craft to modern combat standards.



A 360-degree view of the TIE/fo fighter.

The centerpiece of the TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack, your miniature TIE/fo fighter arrives pre-painted with a black hull and with black-trimmed wings featuring white solar panels. It is accompanied in the expansion by all the components you need to outfit it for battle, including a maneuver dial, two upgrades, and six ship cards that introduce no fewer than three unique First Order aces.

Look for these new ships on shelves NOW at you friendly local game store!

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