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Top 5 Games Workshop Models of 2015

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Dec 17 2015


GW says they make the best minis in the world. Here is our List of their Top 5 Models of 2015!

Hey BoLS Readers,  we were discussing this past year and all the CRAZY models that came out. We put together a list of what we think represent the top 5 BEST models from this year. Ranked from Merely Awesome to the Best of the Year, here is our list:

5. Tau Ghostkeel


Why: This model just oozes the “New Tau” look. It’s cool, futuristic and manga-inspired like the Older Tau line. But it’s also Big and bulky while remaining sleek. The Ghostkeel is just Cool, man. Also kudos for giving us pilot and cockpit options in a battlesuit at last. With the Ghostkeel the Tau line has finally come of age.

4. Khorne Bloodthirster


Why: It’s a HUGE, Beefy kit. From a technical stand point it’s also very impressive. This kit really deserves to be up there no matter how you feel about this particular paint job (basically the wings). Keep in mind this kit also has different options for the weapons which is another reason it’s on this list. Not just because it’s huge and imposing, but also because it’s got OPTIONS!

3. Adeptus Mechanicus Sydonian Dragoon


Why: It’s been a HUGE year for Ad-Mech but we (the BoLS crew) felt that this model really encompassed the entire line. The Sydonian Dragoon it’s a unique blend of 50’s Pulp (Flash Gordon, Mars Attacks) Steam-punk, and 80′-90s European Sci-fi (Moebius). The Silhouette it has is striking! Like the Tau, the Ad Mech really differ from the rest of the 40k Universe. If I was going to start a new army the Ad Mech would be my choice and I’d run as many of these as I could – rules be damned!


2. Plastic Mk. 4 Space Marine Armor


Why: This model (or models really) is on this list not because it’s flashy or technically impressive – it’s on this list because of what it represents: Plastic Horus Heresy! We’ve talked about why it’s so important before, but in short, it’s been a hope for a large portion of 40k Gamers ever since the Horus Heresy books started to be published – even before that really.

The Pre-Heresy, Horus Heresy and Post-Heresy Era represent a subset of 40k that is really wide-open for “forging a narrative” – which is a great selling point for 30k: The story is still being written. We know the Emperor and Horus throw down and how that pans out, but the build up and the aftermath…That’s really where those narrative games shine. To a lot of gamers, that’s what Plastic Heresy-Era armor means and that’s why these guys are on the list. The community has been wating 20 years for these guys and they deserve thier spot.

1. Archaon Everchosen

Model of the Year 2015


Why: Look at HIM! Move over Nagash – there is a new Sheriff in town.


Bonus Round:

Imperial Assassins

Assassins 4 pose


Why: Because have you SEEN the old versions? Ugh… Plus, you don’t want to anger these guys.

There were a LOT of models that Games Workshop put out this year. Entire lines of new armies and a few new games, too! If you’re favorite model didn’t make the cut…sorry. But let us know your Favorite GW Model/Kit from 2015 in the comments below!


Between Ad Mech and Archaon, my wallet weeps…

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