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Wargamer Poll: Why do You Buy Models?

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Dec 10 2015


It’s time to get to the truth: Why and How do you buy the models that you own fellow gamers?  Take the Poll!

Hi everybody.  Today is one of those rubber meets the road moments when we will try to get to the bottom of WHY we buy the models we do.  Lots of companies and players offer up different reasons for people to buy thier products – so at long last it’s time to hear the truth straight from the community.

This poll is to gauge community trends about how we build armies and purchase models.

Hi everybody, it’s Hobbyist Poll Time!

Choices 1

The goal is to determine how hobbyists and gamers decide to purchase models and when they consider a collection “done” and move onto the next one.

  • Some of us like to plan out exact lists in advance and purchase and built that list and only that list.
  • Some of us are led primarily by the rule of cool and buy only the handful of models that appeal to us aesthetically, regardless of how they perform on the tabletop.
  • Some of us like to buy a handful of each useful model from the codex based on rules to have a flexible collection that can make multiple legal lists.
  • Some of us want to play massive battles and buy multiples of every unit, regardless of appearance and rules, amassing a truly huge force.

Take the Model Buying Poll Here

Which one most defines you when you collect an army? (I can’t wait to see the results)


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