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WOW! 1/2 Price 40k Codex & Rulebooks from GW!

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Dec 20 2015


Who said GW is overpriced? – Check out the latest GAMER’S EDITIONS of all the 40k codices and main rulebook at just about HALF OFF!

So what happens when Black Library cuts out all the lore and background from codex?  You get just the rules for 50% off.

Via Black Library

Interactive 40k Rulebook $39.99

for iPad and iPhone 

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“Warhammer 40,000: Gamer’s Edition is your complete digital guide to waging war in the 41st millennium. Inside you will find the rules for the Warhammer 40,000 game, covering all the basics of how to play, including movement, shooting, close combat, vehicles and a comprehensive list of common weapons, wargear and special rules.

You will also find advanced rules covering mighty super-heavy war machines, nimble flyers, gargantuan creatures and much more. Learn how to select an army with detachments, add great bastions and defence lines with rules for fortifications, and discover how to choose your commander’s warlord traits and determine which psychic powers your warp-wielding warriors can bring to bear on the enemy.”

Games Edition 40k Codex Books $23.99

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“These twenty digital tomes contain the full army list (or datasheets) from each Codex, along with all the weapons, wargear and special rules you need. Each comes complete with Quick Links to make finding the rules you need in the heat of battle easy. There’s never been a more portable or convenient way to hold all your rules together in one place.”
For those at home keeping track, the “full edition” digital codex books were $49.99, but GW wanted to get out a FOURTH version of each codex for those folks who only care about the rules.

“The Gamer’s Edition of Codex: Astra Militarum contains all the rules information to allow you to use your collection of Imperial Guard in games of Warhammer 40,000. It includes:

A complete army list covering every model in the Astra Militarum range
Rules for all the weapons and wargear used by the soldiers of the Imperial Guard
Warlord Traits, Heirlooms of Conquest and special rules for issuing orders to your forces


This Gamer Edition includes Quick Links and pop-ups to ensure that you’ll always have the rules you need to hand – no more flipping through books looking for the stats for your weapons or what a special rule does!”

So as of now each codex is availalbe in these formats:
  • Physical Hardcover
  • Digital ebook
  • Digital iTunes Enhanced Edition (fluff & rules)
  • Digital iTunes Gamer Edition (rules only)
So who’s thinking it’s only a matter of time until the “Fluffy Bunny” editions come out that only contain the background and artwork?
~What do you think of the value of these and which editions would you most want to pick up?

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