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Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Ship!

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Jan 4 2016


Pathfinder Battles’ Iconic Heroes Set 4 has shipped.  Let’s take a look at Paizo’s latest box of adventurers:

The boxed set from Paizo/WizKids has shipped and is on store shelves today!

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #4 $34.99

Iconic Heroes Set #4 includes six all-new miniatures featuring famous personalities from the Pathfinder roleplaying universe! Each of these miniatures is an all-new sculpt and will feature a dynamic pose, incredible detail, and a premium paint job.

Characters featured in this set list include:

  • Crowe, human bloodrager
  • Lirianne, half-elf gunslinger
  • Hakon, human skald
  • Jirelle, half-elf swashbuckler
  • Shardra, dwarf shaman
  • Kolo, spirit animal

Each Iconic Heroes set also includes exclusive Cards (one for each miniature) for use in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! These special Cards are only available in this Pathfinder Battles product!

Now for the detailed look at the prepainted minis included:


Shardra, dwarf shaman



Jirelle, half-elf swashbuckler


Hakon, human skald


Lirianne, half-elf gunslinger



Crowe, human bloodrager


Kolo, spirit animal

If you like these, Paizo also has the previous 3 sets of Iconic Heroes (for a reduced price):

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #1 $29.99

  • Valeros, Iconic Fighter
  • Seelah, Iconic Paladin
  • Seoni, Iconic Sorcerer
  • Sajan, Iconic Monk
  • Lini, Iconic Druid
  • Droogami, Snow Leopard Animal Companion

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #2 $29.99

  • Amiri, Iconic Barbarian
  • Ezren, Iconic Wizard
  • Kyra, Iconic Cleric
  • Merisiel, Iconic Rogue
  • Harsk, Iconic Ranger
  • Biter, Badger Animal Companion

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #3 $29.99

  • Alahazra, Iconic Oracle
  • Damiel, Iconic Alchemist
  • Imrijka, Iconic Inquisitor
  • Alain, Iconic Cavalier
  • Balazar, Iconic Summoner
  • Padrig, Eidolon

~These are out, just i time for 2016 What do you think?

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