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Age of Sigmar vs Kings of War vs 9th Age

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Jan 12 2016


Three game systems are out to inherit the crown of Warhammer Fantasy – but who will win?

Just 1 short year ago End Times Thanquol was being released.  Ahh such sweet memories. I don’t think any of us could imagine what the future would look like in January of 2016.




Born: January 2015 – Died: July 2015

Remember me? – I died before my time…

Now we sit 6 months after the Age of Sigmar arrived.  The square based player community has been shattered, forever sent into multiple directions.  Once mighty Warhammer Fantasy communities, usergroups and forums have been devastated, and new ones have risen in their place.

Now we have the community split into three competing factions, but which is best placed to win hearts and minds is the real question.  Let us take a look at them all:



Age of Sigmar

Models: Stunning and has the power of GW behind it.

Availability: The full GW retail channels and FLGS everywhere carry it.

Rules: Well, let’s just leave that one alone. Moving on…

Price: You like Cadillacs? – You’ll like Age of Sigmar



Kings of War

Models: Not the best and not the worst – right in the middle, but getting better every month.

Availability: Mantic and your FLGS, plus you can always use your old WFB army.


Rules: Solid, if young. The tourney crowd likes it – and it’s the only manufacturer backed unit square based fantasy game out there.

Price: You can afford it – trust us.

9th age

9th Age

Models: Hmm, they are still working that out… but you have an old WFB army right?

Availability: The internet and it’s always evolving.

Rules: It’s like WFB but with a lot of community passion thrown in and new names for everything.

Price: Free?


In corner #1 we have 700 lb gorilla GW cranking out Age of Sigmar with ever more sexy kits as fast as they can find breaks in their 40K schedule and the might of thier factories and retail channel can get them on the shelves. Nottinghams’s apparent motto: Resistance is futile!

In corner #2 we have ever stronger Mantic with perhaps thier first global hit on thier hands with Kings of War.  It’s solid and gets the job done.  No it doesn’t have sixteen 128pp army codices, but then again neither does Age of Sigmar. It’s built for competitive play from the ground up and making fast inroads with the old WFB community.


In corner #3 we see the diehard and all-passion-all-the-time community behind 9th Age. They are cranking out new rulebooks and rewriting army books one by one, atop the bones of WFB 8th.  Most importantly they won’t go quietly and will never say die. Underdogs always have a certain charm to them.

So I’ll leave it here to get your reaction to all of this.

~Where do you think these three game systems will be in January of 2017?

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