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Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Return To Hoth Available Now

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Jan 3 2016
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Hoth is Cold – but the battle is starting to heat-up! Imperial Assault’s Return to Hoth is out NOW!

Fantasy Flight Games new Imperial Assault Expansion Return to Hoth is in stores now. Are you ready for the cold? It’s time to head back to the sight of the Rebellion’s greatest defeat – but rescuing the refugees on Hoth could be just the type of thing the Rebels need to spread the hope of victory. But be sure to watch out for those Wampas…

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Return to Hoth $59.95


Imperial walkers have landed on the surface of Hoth and advance inexorably towards Echo Base, crushing all that stands before them with a hail of laser fire and waves of Snowtroopers. As the Rebels flee and scatter across the galaxy, you and your fellow heroes join a group of refugees seeking shelter in the Outer Rim. Though you may find temporary safety, the Empire is scouring the galaxy for any sign of Rebel sympathizers, and soon, a desperate plan for survival may lead you to return to the site of the Rebellion’s greatest defeat—the icy planet of Hoth!

Within this large expansion, you’ll plenty of content to bring your games of Imperial Assault in entirely new directions. For your campaign games, Return to Hoth provides an entirely new, full-length campaign set in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth. Your skirmishes, meanwhile, can benefit from brand-new multiplayer rules that allow up to four players to battle at once. Whichever game you play, you can take advantage of the sixteen sculpted plastic figures included in Return to Hoth—three Rebel heroes, six Snowtroopers, four HK Assassin Droids, two Wampas, and an SC2-M Repulsor Tank. 


New Friends, New Foes

Our first preview of the Return to Hoth expansion focused on the new heroes who join the Rebel Alliance here. MHD-19 is a combat medic droid who’s perfectly equipped for healing his fellow heroes and can even wield a blaster if it’s necessary to defend his patients. If you’re more suited to attacking from afar, you may turn to Loku Kanoloa, a member of the Mon Cala Special Forces and an adept sniper. When you play as Loku Kanoloa, you place reconnaissance tokens on enemy figures and use your calculated shots to drop these priority targets as fast as possible. Finally, you may play as Verena Talos, a skilled brawler who’s known for using her enemies’ own weapons against them. Whether you’re playing the campaign or a skirmish, these new heroes can have a powerful effect on the composition of your Rebel strike teams. 


We also explored the new forces that become available to the Imperial and Mercenary forces in Return to Hoth. The Imperials gain Snowtroopers and the SC2-M Repulsor Tank, enabling them to spread their fire or concentrate on a single enemy figure. Meanwhile, the galaxy’s Mercenaries can use the HK Assassin Droids to hunt down the Rebels or unleash a Wampa to ravage an enemy strike team. In the campaign game, the Imperials also have access to two new Agenda sets and two new Imperial classes. Whether you play with the Precision Training Class and execute carefully timed strikes against the Rebels or use the Armored Onslaught Class to increase the power of yourVehicles, the Empire gains access to new strategic avenues with this expansion.

And you thought these things smelled bad on the outside…

Author: Adam Harrison
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