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The Top Three New 40k Formations – Long War Podcast

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Jan 8 2016

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New Year, new 40k! Checkout the TOP 3 new Formations for Warhammer 40k that are great for both new and old players alike!

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In our latest podcast we talk about the new 40k Formations, releases and interview Bartoz from Southern Painting in Sweeden!



The Hive Vanguard can really let you play grab ass with enemy battle lines with the Gargoyles and then catch and release them when you need to grab objectives or hit them with one overwhelming turn of firepower / assault.




Similar to the Hive Vanguard this formation features the ultimate in “we’ll be back” abilities, the can really give both warriors and scrarab farms a HUGE advantage!




Similar to the “fury of the legion” special rule from Horus Heresy, this formation can really unleash the dakka on the enemies for the imperium once and for all.  Don’t forget to upgrade the Venerable to all shoot weapons as well!

Which formations are YOUR favorite?

Top 3 New 40k Formations – The Long War Podcast Episode 33


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