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40k Batrep • Ravenscar BBF vs Chaos Kenny Boucher

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Feb 5 2016


Hi everybody it’s Black Blow Fly swinging by again to share another written Batrep featuring lots of Invisibility (on both sides) and fisticuffs. Maybe one of these days I’ll produce a video Batrep of my own but I know a lot of people still like written reports with tactical analysis and insight.

I know a lot of people don’t like Invisibility but this report shows some methods for dealing with it in a direct fashion. I see Invisibility as a counter to stomp attacks and good ole strength D but maybe that is just me. If you like my reports you can find more over on my tactical blog: Terminus Est

The game was played while I was home for vacation earlier this month with Kenny Boucher at Atomic Empire in Durham, NC.

Chapter Master Thorr has convinced a small contingent of Ravenwing to join his biker company leading them to the outer edge of the Eye of Terror where an ancient Chaos relic resides upon a hidden planet. The relic must be captured and brought back to the Imperium so that it can be used against the forces of disorder in an impending Black Crusade predicted by Seer Kharbis of the Storm Giants’ Conclave. They are either surely fearless or quite foolish as many have ventured there before them only to meet their sudden demise…

Here’s the mission:


As you can see the mission is a twist on maelstrom that most often requires you to score two objectives each turn to earn victory points. Note that you can score more victory points after the second turn.

Army Lists

Here’s the army lists…



Ravenscar BikeStar

+ White Scars Allied Detachment +
Chapter Master – Artificier Armor – Heaven’s Wrath – Hunter’s Eye – Shield Eternal – Power Fist – Auspex

Command Squad – Bikes
Eagle Banner
4x Storm Shield – 4x Grav Gun – 3x Melta Bomb – Thunderhammer

Biker Squad
Sergeant – Combi-Grav – Melta Bomb
4x Biker – 2x Grav Gun
Attack Bike – Multi-Melta

+ Librarius Conclave + White Scars
3x Level 2 Librarian – Bikes – 3x Melta Bomb – 3x Force Axe

Telepathy – Shriek/Invisibility/Terrify
Santic – Banishment/Hammerhand/Purge Soul
Divination – Prescience/Misfortune/Scryer’s Gaze


+ Ravenwing Strike Force +
Interrogator Chaplain – Bike – Power Fist – Unseen Eye /Warlord

5x Black Knight
Hunt Master

5x Black Knight
Hunt Master


Chaos Coalition

+ Chaos Daemons +

11x Horror

15x Flesh Hound

Soul Grinder (Slaneesh)


+ Chaos Space Marines +
Level 3 Sorceror – Bike – Force Axe /Warlord
Biomancy – Smite/Enfeeble/Endurance/Warp Speed

Level 3 Sorceror – Bike – Force Stave
Biomancy – Smite/Enfeeble/Endurance/Iron Arm

Maulerfiend – Magnacutters
Maulerfiend – Magnacutters

10x Cultist
10x Cultist

5x Chaos Spawn – Nurgle
5x Chaos Spawn – Nurgle

Here’s some pictures of Kenny’s amazing Chaos army…


Cultists and Maulerfiend


Soul Grinder and Maulerfiends



Daemonettes and Nurgle Spawn


Kenny won the roll to deploy first and did so holding the Soulgrinder in reserve which would deep strike…

I deployed second holding my Storm Giant biker squad in reserve…


My Storm Giants biker squad is actually one of the most valuable units in my army since it’s my only objective secured squad.

Kenny elected to scout his large squad of Flesh Hounds straight towards my battle line.

I failed to seize after Kenny’s scout move and there was no night fight.

Pre Game Analysis

First I’d like to point Kenny relies upon his army being an uncommon list that causes confusion for the opponent which can quickly lead to bad decisions. I have played against an earlier pre existing version of the army and was able to watch two video batreps featuring the new Chaos army… So I went into this game well prepared and had plenty of time to review the mission.

Second I brought my own army this time which is pure biker – something I’m intimately familiar with now. I don’t like using tactical Marines and consider them to be not really worth their points. I am actually more mobile than Kenny which is a big deal.

My game plan is to play defensively the first two turns, not make any big mistakes then crank it up to the next level when each turn the objective is worth 3 victory points. First I need to eliminate the big squad of Flesh Hounds which we know will be invisible. Yes I’ll have an invisible deathstar but that spell is guaranteed for Chaos since Kenny has Belakor. My army has some great buffs for re rolling hits (Prescience, Preferred Enemy, twin linked plasma Talons and bolters), Hammer of Wrath in spades plus Hit and Run – all of which can be huge versus Invisibility… It’s all about chipping away at the stone. If I can quickly eliminate the Flesh Hounds I’ll have the upper hand in board control. Kenny will probably score more points the first two turns but I should be able to make up the difference the final four turns.

So I think my chances are a lot better this time but every game versus Kenny is like a super heavy weight fist fight plus he always has some tricks up his sleeve. I have never beat Kenny and most of our games end in a draw.

1st Turn – Chaos

Kenny moves up his Flesh Hounds to cut off and surround my battle line but cannot assault this turn since they scouted. One of the Maulerfiends moves up behind them to lend support. Both Sorcerers are attached to one unit of Spawn and Belakor (gliding) is close by to shroud them.

During Kenny’s psychic phase he is able to successfully cast Invisibility on the Flesh Hounds but I deny his first attempt to cast Endurance on them and he fails the second attempt.

The Flesh Hounds then fleet forward even closer as does the Maulerfiend as well.

Kenny is unable to score the objective this turn since he didn’t destroy any of my units.

1st Turn – Ravenscar BikeStar

I need to start chipping away at the stone. I move all of my units so they can shoot and charge the Flesh Hounds. My Interrogator Chaplain is attached to the command squad along with Chapter Master and the Librarians.

I am able to successfully cast both Invisibility and Prescience on the BikeStar.

Shooting and assault takes down a total of around six to seven Flesh Hounds which is a good start. I don’t lose a single model either. All my squads remain locked in combat except for BikeStar which could not consolidate back into combat due to positioning which then backs into my corner.

I also do not score the turn one objective.

2nd Turn – Chaos

Kenny’s Soulgrinder fails to arrive from reserve. One of unit of Spawn moves towards the scrum along with the one Maulerfiend but will be out of charge range this turn. The other unit of Spawn along with the Sorcerers and Belakor move into range to control the central objective.

Kenny first attempts to cast Invisibility on the Flesh Hounds again but fails. He then successfully casts Endurance on them.

Combat then recommences and I’m able to drag down two more Flesh Hounds without losing any models in return. Both squads of Black Knights then successfully Hit and Run out of combat. One squad of Black Knights scoots across the table towards Kenny’s Horrors and one squad of cultists… They should be able to shoot and assault during my turn.

The Flesh Hounds are just under one half their original number and no longer a big threat. Kenny scores two victory points this turn since he controls the central objective.

Chaos – 2 VP

2nd Turn – Ravenscar BikeStar

My Storm Giants biker squad fails to arrive my reserve. The one squad of Black Knights move into position to multi-assault the Horrors and cultists while BikeStar and the other Black Knight squad move into position to shoot and assault the remaining Flesh Hounds.

I successfully cast Invisibility and Force on BikeStar.

The one squad of Black Knights shoot the Horrors dropping them down to less than half their original number. BikeStar and the other Black Knight squad shoot the Flesh Hounds drooping a couple more.

The first Black Knight squad multi assaults wiping out the cultists for First Blood but aren’t quite able to finish off the Horrors with only a couple left after their Daemonic Instability test… The Black Knights then fail to Hit and Run out of combat. BikeStar and the other Black Knight squad charge the Flesh Hounds… Only one hound is left after the dust settles and both units successfully Hit and Run to gain more distance from the approaching Maulerfiend.

Chaos – 2 VP
BikeStar – 1 VP

3rd Turn – Chaos

Kenny’s Soulgrinder arrives from reserve and deep strikes close by the Spawn with the two attached Sorcerers. Belakor (gliding) and the forward Maulerfiend both move straight towards my Black Knights stuck in combat with the Horrors while the lone unit of Spawn move towards BikeStar.

Kenny successfully casts Invisibility and Endurance on Belakor. Kenny also successfully casts Endurance on the lone unit of Spawn. He also attempts to Enfeeble BikeStar but it’s denied.

The Maulerfiend needs 7″ to make the charge into the Black Knights but fails even with the re roll for fleet. Belakor does make the charge but fluffs his hits and only manages to kill two of the Black Knights. The Black Knights finish off the last of the Horrors then successfully hit and run out of combat stranding the Daemon Prince.

Kenny fails to score the objective this turn.

3rd Turn – Ravenscar BikeStar

My Storm Giants biker squad arrives from reserve and line up so shots on rear armor versus the stranded Maulerfiend.

BikeStar moves up to engage the Spawn along with the full squad of Black Knights. The other squad of Black Knights move into cover to target Belakor.

I successfully cast Invisibility and Force on BikeStar.

The Black Knights in cover manage to strip one wound in the shooting phase from Belakor. BikeStar and the other squad of Black Knights shoot the Spawn dealing out a few unsaved wounds. The Storm Giants biker squad gets a single grav shot through on the Maulerfiend immobilizing it.


The Black Knights beside Belakor choose not to charge while BikeStar and the other squad of Black Knights charge the Spawn and finish them off. Both units consolidate towards Belakor.

I also am unable to score the objective this turn.

Chaos – 2 VP
BikeStar – 1 VP

4th Turn – Chaos

Kenny drops back with the remaining unit of Spawn with the two attached Sorcerers along with the mobile Maulerfiend and Soulgrinder. Belakor is ready to pounce on the Black Knights.

Kenny successfully casts Invisibility on Belakor but perils and loses another wound. He also attempts to shriek the Black Knights but they pass their leadership test. Kenny also attempts to cast Endurance on Belakor – I deny the first attempt and he fails the second attempt.

Belakor then charges the Black Knights whose Overwatch strips his third wound. Belakor strikes last since he’s charging into terrain but takes no wounds – a couple Black Knights survive the onslaught then hit and run out of combat towards the other squad of cultists.

Kenny fails to score the objective this turn since he was unable to finish of the squad of Black Knights.

4th Turn – Ravenscar BikeStar

The Storm Giants biker squad maintain a safe distance from the Chaos Sorcerers. BikeStar and both squads of Black Knight squad move close into charge range of Belakor.


I successfully cast Invisibility and Prescience on BikeStar.

Shooting fails to kill Belakor but the prince goes down in the assault phase. All three biker units consolidate towards the cultists.

I also am unable to score the objective this turn.

Chaos – 2 VP
BikeStar – 1 VP

5th Turn – Chaos

Kenny has a quick turn moving and running the cultists away from my bikes.

5th Turn – Ravenscar BikeStar

The Storm Giants biker squad moves onto an objective while all three of the remaining biker squads move in towards the cultists.

I successfully cast Invisibility and Prescience on BikeStar.


I opt not to shoot since I need to destroy an enemy unit in the assault phase.

BikeStar needs 11″ to reach the cultists… I roll a 1 and 6 picking up the one for re roll due to fleet from the Eagle Banner and up pops a 5 !!! The cultists are mowed down in short order in assault and I am able to score the objective this turn.

Chaos – 2 VP
BikeStar – 4 VP

Post Game Analysis

Both Kenny and I scored Line Breaker so the final score is a narrow victory for the Imperium 5 – 3.

I made one critical mistake the fourth turn and could have scored the objective but was solely focused on eliminating Belakor. If I had not made the 11″ charge versus the cultists Kenny would have attempted to charge them into my BikeStar which could have won him the game depending how a sixth turn would have played out. As it turned out Kenny opted to concede after the fifth turn since his army cannot generate much if any significant shooting.

So it was a very close game and finally for once Lady Lucky was on my side. The Maulerfiend missing a 7″ charge was a pivotal point in the game. Had it made the charge I still had some tricks up my sleeve as well. I hope you enjoyed this Batrep !

Thorr lifts his power fist in a salute to his war party. The forces of disorder have been culled. The relic will be returned to the Imperium. There is much rejoicing !

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