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40K BREAKING: New Genestealer Cult SPRUE Pictures!

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Feb 24 2016


These bugs don’t just come out at night! Come see the brand pictures of all the Genestealer cult models on sprues, NOW!

Source: Captain Citadel

DWO_broodkin_A-Copy-472x315Genestealer Cult Sprue A 


Genestealer Cult Sprue B 


Genestealer Cult Sprue C 

Click HERE for High Res Pictures of the New Deathwatch Models

Wow talk about a “bug problem”! Here’s some things that stand out from the new Tyrnaid Genestealer sprues:

  • The patriarch is a HULK, this thing has a half of a sprue to itself, with the Magus and Primus splitting the other side.
  • From the looks of the sprue layouts Sprue A and B will be duplicated at least once, as there are 4 Aberrants, and 2 Purestrains included for a total of 39 new Tyranid Genestealer Cult models.
  • There are NO Space Marine parts intermixed on these sprues.


Deathwatch: Overkill – $165 £100 €140 AU$280 NZ$330


Source: Games Workshop
A brand new game in a box, telling the story of the discovery of the Warhammer 40.000 Genestealers Cult (Tyranids). The box contains:
50x brand new highly detailed plastic miniatures, with lots of little details depicting character background information.
The miniatures have a dynamic single pose and will require glue and assembly (they are not push fit). The miniatures can be divided into two camps:



The Deathwatch Kill team
These veteran Space Marines will make great champions for any Space Marine army!
11x individual Space Marine Veteran Champions (equivalent to approximately £215 / € 275 retail normally)




The Genestealer Cult
A brand new Warhammer 40.000 fraction! The below list of miniatures make for addition to an original Tyranid army, an allied detachment to another army, or a great start for a brand new Tyranids army! This box contains the following Genestealers Cult miniatures

  • 12 Acolyte Hybrids (1st and 2nd generation Tyranids)
  • 16 Neophyte Cultists (3rd generation Tyranids)
  • 2x Purestrain Genestealers
  • 2x Familiars
  • 4x Aberrants
  • 1x Patriarch
  • 1x Magus
  • 1x Primus
  •  A 48-page rulebook with all the rules (just 3 pages, so it will be easy and quick game), character explanation, the background story, and 9x different missions. (Each scenario acts out one of the stages of the storyline. Each scenario will last between 30mins to 2 hours and will give a lot of playability)
  •  8x double sided board tiles with different landscapes.
  • A deck of 12x reference character cards and 30x Broodmind ambush and mission cards, to offer even more variation to the game so that each game will be different.
  • A booklet with assembly instructions
  • Gaming accessories such as markers, templates and 6 dice.

Once again another great looking set of Xenos models from Games Workshop! They continue to prove with releases like this, why they are still the kings of the wargaming castle! It looks like these new Tyranid models are about to wurm their way into our collections next week!

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