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40K: Curse of The Wulfen Book: REVIEW

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Feb 18 2016


Come see the newest rules set for Warhammer 40k; Curse of the Wulfen. Checkout the first look review of the new book, and some brief tips & tactics!

It’s been a hot minute since Games Workshop gave us a dope 40k beat to step to, but here it is! 40k is back and The Curse of the Wulfen supplement updates TWO great armies; Daemons and Space Wolves. Plus it sets up a HUGE book two could see new rules for a ton of factions from Chaos Space Marines to even the 666th chapter of Astartes, the Grey Knights themselves!

This book is a don’t miss event that looks to be just the beginning of something BIGGER in 2016!

via Games Workshop

War Zone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen $74


For ten millennia, the fate of the 13th Company has been a mystery. Now, as strange Warp storms roar into being across the Imperium, the truth of the Wulfenkind is about to be dramatically revealed. The Space Wolves race to the rescue of their lost brothers, doing battle with tides of Daemons and scribing bold new sagas in blood across the stars. It is an hour of glory, but not all is as it seems.


Dark forces stir on the tides of the Warp, and ancient evils align themselves against the Sons of Russ. Within the Imperium, the vigilant and the vengeful stand in judgement over the Space Wolves’ fate. Soon the future of Fenris herself hangs in the balance, and as the fires of war threaten to consume all, the Curse of the Wulfen takes hold.



This fantastic hardback two-book set is a must-have for those of you who collect Space Wolves, Chaos Daemons, or simply want to explore this new chapter in the Warhammer 40,000 universe!


Book One: Saga of the Lost is a 120-page narrative campaign, filled with stunning new artwork, telling the story of Logan Grimnar’s Great Companies and their fight to retrieve the Wulfen – and the Chaos Daemons who seek to take advantage of their divided attentions.


Book Two: The Rules, clocking in at 88 pages, contains new Echoes of War missions tying in with the narrative, new datasheets, wargear and special rules for both Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons, and brand new formations including six Greatpacks – all of which are designed to update and be used alongside Codex: Space Wolves, along with awesome new environmental rules reflecting some of the strange and bizarre battlefields of the 41st millennium!

So there’s the all background on the new book set.  For the Wolftime!


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