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40k Unboxing – The New Wulfen Models At Last!

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Feb 15 2016



Guess what you can can make with THIS kit! Come see the new Wulfen models, up close and personal. 

The new Wulfen models are here, and 40k may never actually be the same. The new box set affords all the upgrades necessary to make all the options for the units, a refreshing departure from the normally upgrade un-friendly box sets of the past.

Not only that but these guys are even effective in games as well, a characteristic that may indicate Games Workshop has their thinking caps on around the studio these days.

Plus the kit itself is copyrighted 2016, a fact that lends weight to the notion of perhaps greater organization on the design and development side as well.  Or perhaps GW possesses the technology to design and deliver, not just a new model kit, but the supplement and rules development to get this product to market in less than a month.

Either way, I think overall this splash release of supplements and kits is a boon for the hobby, especially with both are effective on both the tabletop and storyline as well.

Space Wolves Wulfen $60



This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble five Wulfen. These savage beasts can be built with a thunderhammer and storm shield, great frost axe or a pair of frost claws – their backpacks can optionally feature either a grisly trophy rack full of bones or a stormfrag auto launcher. One Wulfen can be assembled as a Pack Leader in a unique pose, with special frost claws, and the box includes numerous decorative pieces to give your Wulfen a unique look.


This boxed set contains a total of 165 components, and includes five Citadel 40mm Round bases.



Three unique sprues let you build all your models with no duplicates, including either the Karate Kid pack leader or a more traditional looking Wulfen model.

Model or rules company, does it really even matter these days?

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