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Curse of The Wulfen: What are the Top 5 Formations?

Feb 19


What are the best formations in the new Curse of the Wulfen supplement? Come see our list and listen to our thoughts in this week’s podcast / webcast!

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PodcastCurse of The Wulfen: Ranking The Top 5 Formations 

1) The Blackmanes  – Free drop pods on turn one are basically worth double points cost, because of this ability.

2 ) Murderhorde – Fleshhounds can power up with mad attacks in this formation using double loci stacks.

3) Rotswarm – The new Lictorshame? This formation is great for scoring with single unit Beasts of Nurgle.

4) Infernal Tetrad – Powering up Daemon Princes is always a good idea, just don’t jump the shark and buy into broken RAW hype.

5) Wulfen Murderpack – You can game this formation to get the rolls you need and speed your units headlong into combat!

Curse of The Wulfen: Top 5 Formations Revealed – Long War Episode 38


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