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GEEKERY: The Star Wars Theme Park Looks SWEET!

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Feb 22 2016

star wars logo movie stills

Want to pilot the Millennium Falcon, or hang out with the cantina band? Your chance will be here soon!

Saturday night Disney celebrate their 60th anniversary with a television special that included a sneak look at the Star Wars parks that are soon to be under construction in Florida and California. The parks were announced back in August during the D23 Expo.


They showed off some of he ride features and some new concept art during the program… have a look:

Several attractions at Disneyland Orlando have been shut down in preparation for the new park. There’s a lot of speculation as to what’s being leveled and built over, but it looks like Big Thunder Ranch and parts of Frontierland in Orlando are going to bite the dust. Something like this, maybe?

star wars map

In California rumor has it they’re tearing down a chunk of The Streets of America to make way for their park. Both also have Marvel expansions coming to fit on their lots. The parks as we know it aren’t going to exist by the end of this year.


Are you excited about Star Wars Land?


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