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Wulfen Are People Too! – Are they OP?

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Feb 5 2016

wulfen moon

The Wulfen are coming, but are they as OP as everyone is saying? Come see just how good the new Wulfen models really are, and what combos we may see in the future.

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The new Wulfen models are on the way, but how good will they be in game? Listen to our new revised thoughts and some sample army lists from last week!

Looks like the new Wulfen are not only hard to kill, and good in combat, but they can now be super fast when paired with the right units/ transports as well. Be sure to checkout the Land Raider Formations from the Dark Angels and Space Marine books as well!

It may have even just gotten a lot harder for the Eldar to escape the wrath of the Imperium with this new release!

Wulfen Are People Too – Long War Episode 37

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