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GW BREAKING: 40K “Lost Patrol” Boardgame Returns (UPDATED)

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Mar 16 2016
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Out of the blue, GW is bringing back the classic “Lost Patrol” as a boxed game in JUNE!  Here’s the details:


Back in 2000, GW released “Lost Patrol” a boardgame involving Space Marine Scouts battling for survival in a hostile environment:

The original game is described by BoardGameGeek as follows:

“Lost Patrol is the second publication in a series of mini-games by Games Workshop. In this two-player game you choose either scout-marines or the ‘lurkers’. Scouts are represented in familiar WH40K miniatures when ‘lurkers’ are just cardboard tokens.

The board is created with a hexagon tiles as the scouts travel through the dense jungle. The scouts’ mission is to reach the dropship before the ‘lurkers’ eliminate them. As the scout team explores further, the jungle divides into many sections, and some of your teammates might even get lost (never to be found again).”

Out of the blue, we have the following report from ICV2 and North American Game Distributors:

“Games Workshop is releasing a new version of the 2000 classic Lost Patrol with updated components and rules. It arrives in stores on June 17.


The new game is a two-player game with one side taking on the roles of Space Marine Scouts hunted by the other player controlling a group of fearsome alien Genestealers. Played out on a dynamic, tile-based board, the squad of Marines must navigate a jungle that moves and changes as they travel the board. The game has updated rules from the original 2000 game and is just as fast-paced as the original, playing in about 30 minutes.”



The game is described as follows:

Lost Patrol $60


Designer: Jake Thornton (designer of many recent Mantic titles)

Included minis:

  • Astartes Scouts x5
  • Genestealers x12
  • “Infestations” x6
  • Map Tiles x30

UPDATE: Games Workshop has indicated the product is being solicited to distributors at GAMA 2016

~What do you all think?  Maybe Specialist Games is off to a running start!





Author: Larry Vela
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