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40K: All the New Astartes Psychic Powers

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Apr 13 2016

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Come see the 28 new psychic powers that have been spotted for the Space Marines – Read em and weep Xenos!

The new Psychic Powers deck is made up of four new disciplines:

  • Fulmination
  • Geokinesis
  • Librarius
  • Technomancy

One lucky gamer has the new deck and is spilling the beans…



Info via Dariokan 4-12-2016

New Psychic Powers


Primaris is a witchfire


1 – WC2, reroll armor save (psyker and his unit)

2 – WC1 beam, 20″

3 – WC1 blessing, targets the psyker. Gives fearless, AW. Give a 4+ invulnerable bubble of 12″…….. against witchfire power only.

4 – WC1 targets the psyker. +2 S, T, I and A.

5 – WC1 roll 2D6+ level against enemy psyker 1D6+level. On a draw or better, enemy lose 1W (no save), if you rolled way more than him he loses a power.

6 – WC2 1 enemy unit, 24″. -2 to invul saves (min 6+). This is the new nullzone.


Primaris is a malediction, enemy vehicle at 18″. Basically takes control of one of the vehicle weapon for that turn. (roll 1D6 against your opponent)


1- WC1 friendly vehicule at 24″. ignore crew shaken, stunned and gives POTMS, or +1 BS if the vehicule already has it.

2- WC1 focused WF at 18″. D3 S1 AP- hits withhaywire

3- WC1 blessing at 24″. Gives back 1HP, or repairs immobilisation or weapon. Gives IWND.

4- WC2 blessing at 24″, vehicule unit. +1 AV to all sides OR non vehicule unit +1T.

5 – WC1 beam 18″ haywaire, S1.

6 – WC2 focused WF, 18″. Target loses D3 HP. For each HP lost, inflicts D6 S4AP6 rending hits to a nearby enemy unit. Nice !


Primaris: WC1 WF, S5AP5 Assault SIX

1 – WC1 blessing for the psyker. 3++ save.

2 – WC1 nova, 9″, S1 haywire
3 – WC2 WF, S5AP4 assault D6. Jumps to enemy units at 6″ of the promary target on a 4+. Same effect.


4 – WC1 blessing. Psyker only, +1S and A. For every hit the psyker lands in close combat (not wound, hits), enemy units suffer 2 additional S5AP- hits.

5 – WC2 blessing, 18″. Move target unit by 18″.

6 – WC2 blessing, 24″. Swap target unit with the psyker’s unit. Can work on allies and enemies alike.


Primaris: WC2 Forces a dangerous terrain test without armor save, single unit. Basically it is a wound on a roll of 1? Invuls are allowed

1 – WC1 blessing, 18″ gives back D3 wounds + ITWND for the remaining of the turn

2 – WC1 malediction, 24″. Choose a point, it deals a single S5AP4 hit to each unit within 6″. This 6″ area is dangerous terrain. Crap.

3 – WC1 malediction, ALL ENEMIES WITHIN 18″. They are considered to be in dangerous terrain, and cannot run, boost or flat out. Nice.

4 – WC1 blessing, 24″. Single unit. Give MTC and Ignore cover to all weapons. Unit is also able to shoot on a unit WITHOUT LINE OF SIGHT, only the range matters. Wow, great!

5 – WC1 WC, 24″. Target building or ruin. Building gets a glancing or penetrating hit, ruins: units in it get D6 S6AP- hits;

6 – WC3 24″. Move a piece of terrain by 24″, including models in it. (force a dangerous terrain test).


So how will you use these new powers in your Space Marine army?


New Space Marine Roundup

~That sound you hear is a thousand Farseer heads exploding…



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