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GW: Blood Bowl Rises

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Apr 4 2016
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GW is putting out a new community area for Blood Bowl with some nice pics and two announcers you have to see.

First the big news:

Blood Bowl has it’s own community page on Facebook from GW.  These guys in Nottingham are pulling out all the stops these days.

To start things off Games Workshop has introduced the world to your lovable Blood Bowl announcers:

Jim & Bob…



And they have given the world a first shot of a painted Blood Bowl miniature:



“Well this is great to see, Jim: our first look at the new season kit for The Gouged Eye Orcs.”

“That’s right Bob, this boy is looking pretty ferocious, and that red is going to really compliment the spilled blood of their opponents, I can’t wait to see the full team.”

“Great point Jim, and I wonder who will be next to show off their new kit? And I wonder if it’s true what they say…?”

“What’s that, Bob?”


“…that red ones go faster!”

– Jim & Bob

~I think we can officially consider Blood Bowl to be back.  Now we wait for the actual ship date..



Author: Larry Vela
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