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REVIEW: Citadel ‘Ard Case – Thumbs UP or DOWN?

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Apr 24 2016


Is the new Citadel ‘Ardcase worth it? Come checkout just how good the new Citadel miniatures case really is!

The new case holds about 2/3 the miniatures as the crusade case holds BUT it’s way more durable! Plus its got a pressure release valve just like the pelican gun cases too, that works well for Airplanes and even trips up and down the mountains.

Overall when compared to a similar sized pelican case, the price seems to be about right as well. So if you’re looking for a super durable case for transporting your prized minis over long distances, this may be the case for you!

Citadel ‘Ardcase $135


An incredibly durable carry case designed to keep your Citadel miniatures safe in extreme conditions, the ‘Ard Case is the ultimate solution to the age-old problem: how do you transport delicate miniatures to and from games over longer distances? Luggage holds on aircraft and boots of cars aren’t the most forgiving of spaces, after all.



Enter the Citadel ‘Ardcase! Capable of withstanding the weight of a car, moulded from the most durable plastic we could get our hands on, it features the same channel foam interior as our Crusade case (and can hold two-thirds of the miniatures), impressively strong clasps to hold the case closed in extreme conditions and even a pressure release valve, designed to make transportation in aircraft holds easy!


Plus it can probably hold several Knight titans as well.

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